Resident Evil Village: Capcom HATES Ethan’s Hands

SPOILER ALERT! Resident Evil Village is extremely mean to Ethan Winters. More particularly, every enemy is extremely mean to his hands. May it be Lady Dimitrescu, lycans, or other creature, Ethan’s digits just can’t catch a rest. Let’s revisit a few of the finest hits.

In Resident Evil Village, also referred to as Resident Evil 8, primary character Ethan Winters is searching for his daughter Rose within the titular European Village. As Ethan, you have to explore a castle full of vampires, a village full of Lycans, and much more opponents a new comer to the series. Resident Evil 7 was Capcom’s first mainline Resident Evil to utilize a first-person perspective for game play, and they’ve stored the vista for Resident Evil Village.

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