Returnal: Everything You Need to Know Before You Play – IGN Game Prep

IGN’s Game Prep is the help guide to most dependable prepped for all you need to know before playing Housemarque’s Returnal. John Altano is detailing strategies for getting acquainted with the game’s systems and mechanics, currency, combat, or even a boss encounter to help you get a measure nearer to crossing Returnal off your backlog.

IGN’s Game Prep will dive in to the rogue-like mechanics in Returnal, progression, item progression, upgrades, unlocks, currency like Silphium Resin, artifacts, parasites, Obolites, keys, Ether, and much more. Furthermore, we are considering malignancy, malfunctions, overloads, as well as early game assist with the Overgrown Ruins biome and Phrike boss encounter.

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