Samurai Warriors 5 – Official Character Trailer

Meet Samurai Warrior 5’s figures, and find out more about them, within this latest trailer for that approaching game set throughout the Sengoku period.

Four new playable figures join the tactical action game including kusarigama expert and mind from the Iga Ninjas, Sandayū Momochi Ninja Swordmaster Hattori Hanzō Magoichi Saika, an expert mercenary with little interest in the idea of good and evil and also the great samurai Yasuke, who can serve as Nobunaga’s retainer.

Furthermore, variations around the two primary figures driving the game’s overall storyline happen to be revealed.

Samurai Players 5 launches on This summer 27, 2021, for Nintendo Switch, Ps 4 (playable on Ps 5 via Backward Compatibility), Xbox One (playable on Xbox Series X/S via Backward Compatibility), and PC.


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