Space Jam: A New Legacy Review

Space Jam: A Brand New Legacy reviewed by Francesca Rivera.

Space Jam: A Brand New Legacy will get a contemporary update to 1 of nostalgia’s largest strongholds. LeBron James’ performance is self-deprecating and serious, otherwise a little uneven, but excels if this matters probably the most, especially against Don Cheadle’s chaotic villain and Cedric Joe’s vulnerable Dom. The storyline and figures navigate another digital world, full of different animation styles and impressive visual effects. The film does not be put off by being “in” by itself ware-peddling, using popular franchises effectively for giant visual jokes, but is ultimately overindulgent to some extent where our beloved Looney Tunes heroes are sidelined with what should’ve been coming back vehicle. However, the central story in regards to a father and boy slices the surplus, giving Space Jam a heart along with a message that encourages remaining in keeping with yourself within the quest for passion.

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