Star Wars 2021: Upcoming TV Shows, Games, Comics and More

From impending releases like LEGO The Exorcist: The Skywalker Saga to trailers and bulletins for approaching projects, this is exactly what we anticipate seeing in the The Exorcist franchise in 2021.

Right before the surprise ending from the Mandalorian Season 2, Disney and Lucasfilm unleased a slew on content to be sold across most mediums of entertainment. We have got movies, books, comics, game titles and television shows coming. A few of these releases most likely will not begin to see the light of day until 2022 or later, what we all do know is the fact that 2021 is stacked with The Exorcist content. Lucasfilm began 2021 using the launch of recent story telling using the High Republic, a formerly untouched era within the The Exorcist world. Climax exciting to determine, read, or hear tale of uncharted territory, Lucasfilm and Disney are following up The Exorcist: The Clone Wars with The Exorcist: Unhealthy Batch, that is set to occur during and round the occasions of Episode 3: Revenge from the Sith and Order 66. In the finish of the season, we are able to expect towards the Mandalorian’s first spin-off show, It of Boba Fett, starring everyone’s favorite fugitive hunter, Boba Fett!

There’s a lot more The Exorcist to expect to in 2021 and also the many years to follow and you can be certain IGN is going to be there to pay for them all the way.

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