Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer: Freddy Krueger Easter Eggs and a New Mystery

Stranger Things has always leaned in to the ’80s references, in the Upside Down’s creepy crawlies that seem like they came directly from John Carpenter’s The Factor, towards the Fast Occasions poolside walk, to Ghostbusters, Indiana Johnson, Stephen King, and a whole lot. And they are certainly not stopping in Season 4, when the new Stranger Things teaser from Netflix’s Tudum event is any suggestion.

Actually, a 1980s icon is joining the cast of Stranger Things’ 4th season, as Freddy Krueger themself, Robert Englund, will have a personality named Victor Creel.

The Stranger Things Season 4 trailer provides a sneak look in a key location within the 4th season: the Creel House, the house of Victor Creel, who’s performed by Freddy Krueger themself, actor Robert Englund. We first discovered this latest resident of Hawkins in November of 2020 because of the show’s social networking accounts. He’s referred to as an inmate at Pennhurst Mental Hospital, where he’s been incarcerated for any grisly murder he committed within the 1950s. But we have got a bit of ideas with that that we’ll enter into inside a second.

The Stranger Things trailer also provides for us our start looking at Creel — although his more youthful self, whilst establishing a new mystery for Season 4. Additionally, it plays big-time homage to Englund and the famous altar ego too. Everything begins with the song “Dream just a little Imagine Me,” because the 1950s Creel family moves into what we should know from Netflix is really a key location within the year — the Creel house. “Dream just a little Imagine Me” obviously is really a call to Freddy, who preyed on his victims within their dreams through the horror cinema from the 1980s. However the references don’t hold on there.

Watch our full video introduction to the Stranger Things Season 4 teaser trailer for each Easter time egg and clue that people found!

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