Swords of Legends Online: The Forbidden Court – Official PvP Trailer

The Forbidden Courts update brings two new PVP modes, including a brand new Guild-versus-Guild zone, towards the Mmog, Swords of Legends Online.

In Fight within the Sands, 20 players compete across two-stage matches. The very first stage is really a five-minute free-for-all, where players can accrue points by slaying other players. At certain points within the fight, a monster stone will spawn. Picking up will turn a person right into a monster within the second stage from the match.

Using the Fifty Islands of Chuyun, the floating islands of Chuyun were produced when Duke Dongyuan’s artifact was damaged. Join other players out of your alliance to find numerous celestial and terrestrial treasures and defeat the other players.

The Forbidden Court update for Swords of Legends Online arrives on November 18, 2021.

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