Tales of Arise Graphics Modes Comparison (PlayStation 5)

Check out our comparison between “Prioritize Graphics (4K resolution)” and “Prioritize Framerate (around 1620p)” modes in Tales of Arise on Ps 5!

Tales of Arise is really a beautiful game, but on next-gen hardware, you receive careful analysis either prioritize graphics (targeting 4K resolution) or prioritize framerate (targeting around 1620p). We ran via a couple of different areas and involved in combat in a number of areas, in addition to taken game play of countless cutscenes. You will find a number of moments where both modes look much the same, but a few of the busier areas, especially individuals rich in detail, like trees leaving, bog lower the Prioritize Graphics Mode a little. In almost any situation, the sport looks great on PS5, however you choose to listen to it!

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