The Anacrusis Early Access Review

The Anacrusis Early Access reviewed by Luke Winkie on PC. Narration by Mark Medina. Available too on Xbox.

The Anacrusis enables you to explore a luxurious spaceship heavily in financial trouble to paperback sci-fi cliches. It’s among the finest settings deployed inside a co-op shooter, however the actual co-op shooting against waves of aliens is affected with a stark lack of any interesting ideas past the change of scenery. The gunplay is dull, the opponents never change, and also the small number of levels all meld into exactly the same tedious grind. Having a noticeable quantity of jank sticking with the first access launch version and a few weird graphical lapses, The Anacrusis turns into a difficult game to recommend at this time. Possibly at some point this psychedelic space opera is going to be refined for an extent where it may deal with the masters from the genre, but for now, I’d prefer to be shooting zombies.

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