The Last of Us Part 2: How Naughty Dog Created Its Most Terrifying Monster | Art of the Level

All of the Us Part 2’s world could be brutal because of its human figures, and that is before they can encounter the infected opponents that may lurk around any corner. Developer Naughty Dog outdid itself in TLOU 2 with the development of the Rat King, a monstrous, unique, boss fight creature, that’s easily Naughty Dog’s most terrifying monster yet, the star of the memorable showdown between players and also the creature/

All of the Us 2’s Rat King wasn’t any easy task to drag off, though, and thus six people from the Naughty Dog TLOU2 team of developers spoken with IGN about the development of All of the Us Part 2’s terrifying monster. The developers walk us with the conception and style from the creature, the down sides and ingenious methods the TLOU 2 developers performed to help make the Rat King an imposing foe in-game, and also the game play and style hurdles and inventive possibilities that came about as Naughty Dog produced this latest monster. Find out about design decisions from the Rat King’s boss fight arena, how Naughty Dog searched for to tease All of the Us 2 players with clues from the Rat King’s potential, and just how TLOU2’s seem, designers, artists, animators, and much more all joined together to produce this type of memorable fight within the last people Part 2.

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