The Original GTA Trilogy Will Disappear This Week – IGN Daily Fix

In the current Daily Fix, we have got a bit of not so good news for the Grand Thievery Auto fans. The initial, non-remastered versions from the GTA Trilogy games is going to be removed Steam now. Beginning today, really. Rockstar did not give a reason why, however they did warn everybody a week ago once they made the state announcement from the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. Gamers, obviously, aren’t happy relating to this, with lots of getting in the legitimate issue of game upkeep, Additionally, there are the surprising insufficient details in regards to what come in the brand new versions of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. It has been reported the games has progressed to the Unreal Engine filled with some graphical enhancements, but that is about this. Not sure yet on specific game play changes or other additional features. So, if you wish to play Grand Thievery Auto 3 because it initially was in 2001, purchase it when you still can. Talking about remakes and remasters, game development studio Virtuos is rumored to become focusing on another AAA remake additionally towards the rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake. Via VGC, a LinkedIn profile apparently owned by a programmer in the studio referenced a triple-A remake which will have 4K support on certain platforms and “set piece destruction.” Hmm…what game that has destructible environments needs a remake? Fracture? Red Faction? Let’s read your comments within the comments! And lastly, should you got your brand-new Switch OLED over the past weekend, Don’t take away the screen protector that’s already installed. It’s there to really safeguard you in situation the screen itself shatters. That fancy new OLED screen consists of glass, not plastic such as the previous Switch models. That thin bit of film holds together any damaged pieces as well as help safeguard against scratches. So don’t remove it! Also it’ll help you save a couple of dollars from buying your personal.

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