The Protagonist: EX-1 – Official Trailer

Browse the trailer for that approaching turn-based, tactical sci-fi RPG, The Protagonist EX-1.

Occur a brewing war between your planet Terra as well as an invading synthetic alien threat, within the Protagonist EX-1 you play as Angel, a very trained special agent who’s sent into an alien ship having a squad to neutralize an imminent global threat. However, the mission goes drastically awry and Angel awakens alone within the station’s infirmary, without her squad or any memory of the items happened. Getting to believe a new voice to steer her with the alien ship, Angel must fight formidable opponents, navigate the unknown and discover the remainder of her team for that survival of humanity back on Terra.

The Protagonist: EX-1 arrives of Early Access and releases on This summer 19, 2021, for PC.

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