The Purge Universe Timeline in Chronological Order

Produced by author/director James DeMonaco, and created by Blumhouse, The Purge movies really are a dystopian political horror franchise that presents an America from your alternate timeline where crime and poverty have basically been eliminated just because a new annual holiday continues to be restricted to total lawlessness. And today, because the Forever Purge is released, we are searching in the full Purge world timeline in chronological order.

On “Purge Night” — that takes put on March 21st — citizens are permitted to loot, plunder, maim, and murder for their heart’s desire, as long as they don’t pursue politicians or children. Or use, like, a nuclear explosive device. We believe. There is something about class 4 weapons or lower, therefore we assume a category 5 weapon is really a Motherbox or something like that.

In Purge America, what begins like a social experiment — the wealthy secretly use to line their pockets and kill individuals they deem undesirable to society — rapidly turns into a harmful and effective movement. violence itself becomes its very own religion where cleansing a person’s soul of their quote unquote animal is viewed as a righteous and godly act and individuals who perish on Purge Night are noticed as glorious martyrs.

Just how did this bats*** American horror holiday begin? Well, we’ll track everything once we check out the Purge timeline in most its chronological, and diabolical, detail. Here’s what’s happened in Purge America to date, over four movies and 2 seasons of the Television show, such as the original Purge movie, The Purge: Anarchy, The Purge: Election Year, The Very First Purge, and also the Purge Tv show.

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