The Riftbreaker – Official Developer Commentary Campaign Trailer

The Riftbreaker is really a sci-fi base-building survival game with RPG elements. It will likely be available The First Day on Xbox Game Pass this Fall, as well as PS4/PS5 and PC. As Captain Ashley S. Nowak, “the Riftbreaker,” one enters a 1-way portal to Galatea 37, a remote planet in the far reaches from the Milky Way. Your own personal purpose would be to build and create a base that will permit travel back and forth from Earth for more colonization. Ashley’s Mecha-Suit, which she calls “Mr. Riggs,” can withstand the harshest ecological conditions and it has a complete selection of equipment for base construction, resource extraction, specimen gathering, not to mention – combat. It’s also able to traveling through rifts that connect space across vast distances.

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