The Sundew – Official Launch Trailer

Browse the launch trailer for that Sundew, a place-and-click adventure game that’s available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Thanks for visiting Shibukawa. You’re Anna Isobe, a cyborg looking for your means by a global that’s broke up with you behind. When a shining hope for future years, cyborgs have grown to be taboo, substituted with drones and automata which make even your increased abilities obsolete. Stuck inside a thankless job encircled by indifferent eyes you’ve still got an obligation to safeguard and serve, and that is precisely what you are likely to do.

The Sundew is really a dark adventure game set as a direct consequence of the devastating future war, in which the world as you may know it had been twisted by flames right into a terrifying new dystopia. What begins like a normal day rapidly becomes another thing, and shortly Anna Isobe holds the fate around the globe in her own hands.

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