The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Anime Trailer Breakdown

You will need to hold back until December 17 to look at Season 2 from the Witcher, but Netflix will keep you afloat for now using the Witcher: Nightmare from the Wolf, which releases on August 23. The anime movie introduces Geralt’s mentor and adoptive father, Vesemir, who definitely are voiced by Theo James. (Kim Bodnia may also take part in the character within the live-action show.) However, we are likely to break lower the Witcher anime trailer!

While Vesemir is really a gray-haired veteran by Geralt’s time, within this film he’s a youthful and dashing swashbuckler earning his fortune by slaying monsters… But he’s made to confront his past along with a monster that’s preying on the kingdom already coping with political discord.

Using the first teaser trailer for that Witcher: Nightmare from the Wolf now out, let us dig into what adventures await us within this latest installment from the Witcher franchise, that was compiled by Love DeMayo and directed by Kwang Il Han of Studio Mir, the animators from the Legend of Korra and Youthful Justice: Outsiders.

Within this Witcher anime trailer breakdown you will find all of the clues, Easter time eggs, and references we discovered in regards to this prequel towards the Henry Cavill show!

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