Warframe – Official Sisters of Parvos Update Trailer

Watch the most recent Warframe trailer for a glance at what to anticipate using the Siblings of Parvos update, featuring new weapons and much more.

Warframe’s Siblings of Parvos update arrives on This summer 6, 2021.

Parvos Granum and the loyalists are manufacturing a brand new variety of foe: a sisterhood of elite players loyal simply to the Corpus founder. Generate the legendary waverider Yareli and harness the devastating power the ocean to neutralize this latest threat and break the rules the Corpus.

Enter a revamped Lich system and fight Parvos’ terrifying femme fatales plus their automatic Hounds across both ground and Railjack Missions, and vanquish these to earn new top-of-the-line Corpus weaponry and Ephemeras. Defeat your Kuva Liches faster having a streamlined Murmur System, acquire new Weapons from Void Storms and also the Steel Path because of a restructured Reward System, and explore new Customizations and game play refinements that still evolve, grow and enhance the Origin System.

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