What Lies in the Multiverse – Official Announce Trailer

Browse the announcement trailer for which Is based on the Multiverse, a 2D adventure game that you could call an impressive comedy.

Whenever a gifted boy (known only because the Kid) is zapped right into a completely new world, he encounters Everett – a sarcastic, eccentric, and mysterious researcher using the capacity to shift dimensions. Glued having a harmful mutual curiosity for parallel worlds, they attempt an analysis in to the unknown. Together they venture off and away to an unusual island where they’ll find key solutions about Everett’s past and also the world, all while being hunted by old yet dubious acquaintances who’re searching to capture them and stop their dimension shifting shenanigans.

What Is based on the Multiverse is slated for release at the begining of 2022 for PC, Ps 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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