What's the Furthest Place From Here? – Exclusive Comic Book Trailer

The minds behind the breakout hit 4 Kids Enter a financial institution have returned by having an a great deal larger and wilder new comic series. Compiled by Matthew Rosenberg and attracted by Tyler Boss, What is the Farthest Place From This is a publish-apocalyptic coming-of-age story in regards to a range of kids braving the wastelands looking for one that belongs to them.

What is the Farthest Place Came From Here can also be unique in that it is comic having a soundtrack. Each issue have a Luxurious Edition version which comes packaged having a different vinyl single. IGN can solely debut a clip for that series, featuring a closer inspection at Boss’ artwork and also the punk rock anthems fueling this epic adventure.

Search for What is the Farthest Place Came From Here hitting bookstores and comic shops on November 10, 2021.


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