Why 2021 Was Obsessed With Time Loops

Hey, rather of 1 more episode of whatever comfort-food sitcom you are presently binging via stream, why don’t you let IGN’s Michael Swaim explain exactly what the deal is by using each one of these time loops recently! From games like 12 Minutes, Outer Wilds, Loop Hero, Deathloop, Minit and Quantum League to movies and shows like Russian Toy, Palm Springs, The Endless, Primer, Looper, Happy Dying Day, ARQ, Gamer, The Map of Small Perfect Things, Predestination, Dr. Strange and much more, we are encircled by time loops. When the time looped today were the zombie hordes from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, we’d be completely eaten. Well, Michael thinks there is a reason for the recent loopage. A fairly awesome, complicated reason why takes 24 minutes to describe and touches around the interesting connections between nostalgia, memory, natural selection, postmodernism, and much more. Join him, will not you, for which are only able to be known as a “popular culture think piece for that ages!”? Or at best that one age repeated again and again until we learn our lesson and break the cycle.


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