Why Changing Comic Origin Stories for the Movies is Important

Should you allow me to begin with a cliche, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Some might reason that super hero origin tales are performed out, as well as modern comic movies frequently introduce us to heroes mid-career with no explanation. However, an origin story sparks the chain of occasions leading our heroes to being familiar with themselves whilst selecting to battle for justice.

Therefore the “great power” line from Spider-Man encapsulates not just the granted abilities of superheroes, but the need for walking as much as individuals responsibilities presented. It is reflective from the choices filmmakers themselves need to make when adapting a hero’s story, including their origin story.

As IGN continues its look for the finest super hero movie available with this Super Movie Madness contest, let us take a look at some various kinds of origin tales and just how they have been re-construed for that giant screen.

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