Why GTA Devs Gave a Fan $10k – IGN Daily Fix

On today’s Daily Fix, Rockstar Games has made the decision not just to implement an area that can make GTA Online loading occasions considerably faster, but they have also compensated the modder who discovered time-saving fix. T0st, the modder under consideration, is going to be awarded $10,000 through Rockstar’s bug bounty program. Useful modders aren’t the only real ones moving in dough, because the ever-popular Roblox continues to be worth $45 billion, yes, having a “B”. This uses the kids’ article marketing platform went public on the stock exchange. This incredible number will make Roblox worth more than Epic Games, or Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft combined. And lastly, we have got more information on PUBG’s third anniversary with PUBG Mobile champion, Dab Plays!

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