Why The PS5 Reveal Has Put All the Pressure Back on Microsoft | IGN Opinion

A week ago The new sony went all-in on their own PS5 reveal event and dropped a lot of PS5 news. Bulletins incorporated PS5 games and our first consider the PS5 design. Prior to the PS5 reveal, Microsoft had developed lots of hard-earned momentum using the Xbox Series X. Therefore the question for team Xbox becomes, “Now What?”

The Xbox Series X versus PS5 debate still rages on even though Xbox Series X might have lost this fight, they actually haven’t lost the following gen war.

Graphics- PS5 versus Xbox Series X

In December, the Xbox Series X reveal finally gave us phone console, however it would take until March for Microsoft to show the Xbox Series X specs. That switched out to become a win for Xbox, since, a minimum of in writing, it beats the PS5 specs in raw power. However that doesn’t mean the Ps 5 does not have any aces up its sleeve. The PS5 ssd is among the primary reasons loading screens might be a factor of history and why individuals ps5 game play trailers had such mind-blowing location changes (searching to you Ratchet and Clank). Regrettably, it’s been hard for fans to obtain phone Xbox Series X graphics because Microsoft continues to be playing that Xbox Series X game play footage pretty near to the vest. Yes, a few of the Xbox Series X games the console will launch with were announced, however the Xbox series X trailer (s) were light around the Xbox Series X game play.

Cost- Xbox Series X Cost versus PS5 cost

Regrettably, neither Ps nor Xbox has announced the cost of the systems. Since neither company really wants to announce first, it might come lower towards the wire on who’ll or maybe Microsoft or The new sony will undercut one another.

Xbox Series X Exclusives versus PS5 Exclusvies

While Sony’s Ps 5 has announced monster PS5 exclusives such as the Miles Morales Spider-Man game and Horizon II Forbidden West, Microsoft is a little light with that front. Xbox Series X exclusives include Scorn and Halo Infinite. And can that be sufficient?

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