Why The Snyder Cut Failed HBO Max – IGN The Fix: Entertainment

In the current IGN The Fix: Entertainment, while fans who campaigned to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut might have become the things they wanted using the discharge of Zack Snyder’s Justice League Of America, it appears Cinemax Max didn’t. The Zack Snyder Justice Leaguemovie did not get as numerous subscribers as Warner was wishing for, with regard to Cinemax Max streaming platform. Exactly what does this suggest for that DCEU moving forward? Well, these types of figures aren’t much incentive for Warners to reverse their decision not to proceed with the Snyderverse, so pricier the studio to ask Zack Snyder to finish his Justice League Of America trilogy or move on with the Snyderverse generally. Can we visit a “restore the Snyderverse” movement remove? The Justice League Of America Snyder Cut would be a big win for fans, however the figures just were not there on Cinemax Max.

In other entertainment news, there is a Guardians from the Universe holiday special brewing at Disney+, that will apparently occur inside the MCU timeline. Director James Gunn required to Twitter Thursday, revealing the very first draft from the Guardians from the Universe Holiday Special script, in addition to getting involved in a small Q&A with fans. The Guardians from the Universe holiday special will air on Disney Plus the coming year in 2022. How can you experience this approaching Marvel Disney show? And just what are the ideas around the Russell Crowe Zeus Thor news in Thor 4?

And lastly, It had been as reported by Deadline in March that Russell Crowe could be joining the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder, together with his role referred to as a “fun cameo”. Now, based on a current interview around the Pleasure Breakfast using the Murphys podcast, Russell Crowe confirms he’ll be the one and only the Greek God, Zeus! Russell Crowe is among many celebrities we are able to expect to creating a cameo. The show will feature another “play inside a play” featuring Matt Damon, Mike Neil, Melissa McCarthy and Luke Hemsworth as Loki, Odin, Hela and Thor, correspondingly.


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