World of Tanks: Modern Armor – Official First Strike Launch Trailer

Browse the trailer for First Strike, the very first season of Realm of Tanks: Modern Armor, for a glance at what to anticipate together with a look in the new maps, and much more.

First Strike brings the Western Alliance and Eastern Alliance having a combined total of 18 tanks. The Western Alliance features the M46A1 Patton, M47 Patton, M48A5PI Patton, and much more. The Eastern Alliance brings the T-72BM, T-44A, T-54 obr. 1949, Object 165, T-62, and much more.

Realm of Tanks: Modern Armor brings modern combat towards the combat vehicle shooter, with added features including new maps and consumables, a period-based matchmaker, 3D commanders, and advanced tanks in the late twentieth century.

The field of Tanks: Modern Armor update can be obtained let’s focus on Ps 5, Ps 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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