Xbox Boss Not Impressed With PlayStation's PC Strategy – IGN Daily Fix

We replaced this Daily Fix episode from June tenth by having an new version since the original mistakenly attributed quotes to Microsoft which were incorrect. IGN regrets the mistake.

Today on IGN The Fix: Games, Mind of Xbox Phil Spencer has silently belittled other developers that port their games to PC after initial release. As the Xbox boss wasn’t speaking about Ps directly, he was incredibly place-on to describe Sony’s practice of releasing PS4 exclusives on PC sometime after their release, and also at full cost. Xbox and Microsoft are apparently prepared to move forward from a conventional console form factor. Finally, and perhaps you can observe a style here, Microsoft is able to build the Xbox experience into TV’s and streaming sticks within an unparalleled off-console push. Microsoft executives still insist that Xbox Series s and Xbox series X would be the “flagship experience” however.

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