Xbox Game Pass Trolls PlayStation, Nickelback in a Single Tweet – IGN Daily Fix

In the current Daily Fix, Xbox expertly trolls Ps…using Nickelback? Yes, it is a slow news day, but c’mon, promoting Xbox Game Pass while using the a PS4 controller AND referencing Nickelback? This is the greatest news today (apart from whatever comes from the Ps Condition of Play…which happens As we record the Daily Fix). In other news, Bloober Team hasn’t confirmed they are focusing on Silent Hill, despite the fact that Konami makes their bond with Bloober Team official. Based on Bloober Team, the web has not become it right regarding what they are focusing on…however that does not seem as an outright “No, we are no longer working on Silent Hill” to all of us. And lastly, if you are into that new Nintendo Switch OLED pier, but don’t wish to purchase a new Switch, you are fortunate. You can purchase the new dock—complete with builtin ethernet port—separately in the Switch itself. It is your Daily Fix!

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