Xbox Series X Reviews: One Month Later – The Review Crew

Since we are per month in to the Xbox Series X run, we have collected reviewers from IGN, GameSpot, and Bloomberg to go over when the new Microsoft Xbox Series X console resides to the hype. The hardware certainly shows lots of promise but too little first-party support is not doing Series X any favors.

Review Crew is really a weekly show where we gather folks throughout the gaming community to go over the greatest reviews. In the past episodes, we’ve discussed Sony’s Ps 5, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Spider-Man: Morales.

The IGN Xbox Series X review printed approximately last month, and ideas discuss our altering ideas around the Xbox hardware, our ideas Video games, particularly too little first party support from Video Games Studios, and also the outstanding worth of Game Pass.

However! We consider the best and worst areas of the XSX and impart our hands-on impressions of Microsoft’s newest console. We showcase Xbox game play and dive much deeper into our Xbox review.

The Series X launch was relatively smooth, so we weigh in on Xbox stock and also the Xbox pre-order dilemma. And lastly, the lightning round where all Xbox questions is going to be clarified! Well, most likely not, however the lighting round continues to be very fun.

Hopefully you enjoyed our IGN Xbox Series X console review which Review Crew Xbox episode. Make sure to hang in there for additional Xbox Series X coverage. And for your Xbox news, Xbox game play videos, Xbox game reviews, and all sorts of next-gen console reviews and then-gen console news, stay tuned in to IGN.

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